Placenta Encapsulation

placenta pillsWhat is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is the process of turning your placenta into pills for the postpartum period.  Placentophagy (the act of mammals consuming the placenta after the birth of their offspring) is standard practice for most mammals.  You may be surprised to learn that consuming the placenta is nothing new, many cultures around the world also have a rich tradition of either consuming  the placenta or practicing sacred rituals honoring its role in their child’s life.  So why is the placenta so special?  Because it really has so much to offer you. New moms have reported benefits such as increased milk supply, increased energy, and improved overall mood. Check out some of the research here and some testimonials here.

Is it Safe?
You only have one placenta and one opportunity to have it done right.  I assure you that I take the utmost care to ensure that your placenta is handled properly and safely so that you can begin receiving the benefits as soon as possible.  Your placenta is kept safe in a variety of ways:

  • I maintain a current food handler’s permit in the state of California.  This means I know how to properly store, handle, and prepare your placenta.
  • I maintain certification for safe handling of blood borne pathogens that meets OSHA’s standards.
  • I am committed to continuing education to learn the best and safest ways to prepare your placenta. As a board member and mentor for APPA (Association of Placenta Preparation Arts) I am always kept current on research and information in the placenta world.

When is it done?
Ideally, the placenta is encapsulated as soon as possible after the birth. April is basically “on call” for you and will make every effort to be available to start the encapsulation process as soon as possible. Once April starts the process, you can expect to have your capsules ready for you within 24-48 hours. You can begin taking the capsules right away for maximum postpartum benefits.

umbilical cord keepsakeThe umbilical cord that connected your new baby to your womb during the pregnancy played a key role in delivering nutrients and essential blood to your baby during gestation.  To honor and treasure the umbilical cord it can be dehydrated into a heart or circle shape and kept for a lifetime. If the cord is long enough, I can even write love or the baby’s name with it! This is a free gift to all those I have the pleasure for encapsulating for.

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