I feel great!  I could tell a difference from the time I started to take the pills.  The transition to motherhood has been easy! -Jessica


Thank you for encapsulating my placenta. The placenta capsules ARE awesome. I’ve been able to enjoy bonding with my baby and it’s been great to know that there’s been little to no baby blues.” – Faye


I definitely had a few blue days during my first few weeks of motherhood, but I found that taking an extra pill or two helped to bring my hormones and/or mental state back into neutral.”  –Emily


I absolutely loved my placenta capsules!  Not only did I never feel any postpartum blues, my milk came in beautifully and I felt terrific in the days following the birth of my son.  I am so happy to have been able to use your service and I cannot recommend it enough.  I have a few capsules left that I know will be very handy as my son has his growth spurts and begins teething.”  – Lily


I have felt great! I haven’t felt the exhaustion like I did with my first child. My milk supply so far has been plentiful. Emotionally, I have been in high spirits. So I give them two thumbs up! Thank you so much, and I love the heart you sent along with them. -Andee